Design/Program Elements

Services Based on Quantity

Services Based Per Hour

  Additional Pages

  Page Revisions
  Navigation Menus
  Style Sheets




  Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
  Shopping Carts
  Reconfiguring Scripts
  Installing/Configuring Scripts
  Installing Tables


  $65/hour +  
  $50/hour +  
  $150 +  



Graphics Based on Quantity

Graphics Based Per Hour

  Banners (Animated)

  Banners (Non-Animated)
  Graphic Touch-Ups
  Image Maps



  Flash Animation

  Graphics (Animated)
  Graphics (Non-Animated)




Miscellaneous Elements

If you need something that has not listed here, please contact us to let us know.


  Meta Tags/Keywords
  Press Releases
  Search Engine Submit (
  Search Engine Submit (Manually to Top 10)
  Server Set-Up
  Site Maintenance
  Word Processing Services




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