LJG Productions Web Packages






 3 Web Pages
 1 Banner/Logo
 1 Scanned Image
 1 Contact Form/Guestbook
 1 HTML Based Menu

Included Items
   Àla Carte Items

5 Web Pages
1 Banner or Logo
3 Scanned Images
1 Contact Form/Guestbook
1 HTML Base Menu
1 Custom Script

Included Items
   Àla Carte Items

8 Web Pages
1 Banner/Logo
6 Scanned Images
1 Contact Form/Guestbook
1 HTML/JS/Anfy Base Menu
1 Custom Script
1 Animated Graphic

Included Items
   Àla Carte Items

12 Web Pages
2 Banners/Logos
9 Scanned Images
1 Contact Form/Guestbook
1 HTML/JS/Anfy Base Menu/Interface
2 Custom Scripts
1 Animated Graphics
1 Flash Movie

Included Items
   Àla Carte Items

16 Web Pages 
2 Banners/Logos 
12 Scanned Images 
1 Contact Form/Guestbook 
1 HTML,JS,Anfy Based Menu/Interface 
1 Custom Script 
1 Animated Graphics 
1 Shopping Cart 


Included Items
  Àla Carte Items

Price: $250.00

Price: $500.00

Price: $1,000.00

Price: $1,750.00

Price: $2,500 +


All Web Design Packages include the following:

Site Design/Format/Layout
Client Supplied Content
Spell Checking/Proofreading
META Tags, Keywords, Description, Authoring
Site Designed for 1024 X 768 Viewer Resolution.
Submission to the Top 10 Search Engines and Directories.
Basic Graphic Layout (Bg's, Buttons, Color Coordinating, Assorted Decorating Extra's.)
Checked for compatibility with the top commercial browsers, to insure our production of user friendly sites.
Free Site Maintenance is provided for 30 days from initial upload. After the initial 30 days, you will then be given the
option to pay our team to host and maintain your site, or find alternate hosting and be responsible yourself for your web pages.

A good idea is the most powerful force in the universe.
With just one, you have the ability to change Anything. Let our ideas work for you!!


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